Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

If your visa or nomination has been refused or cancelled and the decision has a jurisdiction to be reviewed then you don’t have much time to apply for the review, if you miss the time frame to apply for the review then under very few circumstances the AAT will accept your application. It is very important to act timely and get proper advice to find the chances of success in AAT.

The decision of the delegate of the Minister of Home Affairs can be changed in your favour by the member of the AAT. The documentation and the argument must be properly submitted to the AAT.

We have a good track record in converting the unfavourable decisions of our clients into favourable decisions. We suggest you contact us as soon as possible to get proper advice in relation to your visa or nomination refusal.

Ministerial Intervention (MI)

Ministerial Intervention (MI) is the last avenue for an applicant to get a final review of their refused or cancelled visa. In MI the Minister of the Department of Home Affairs reviews the application personally. The minister has the power to change the decision to the applicant’s favour and the minister is not bound by any Migration Act or Regulation.

There are many steps to follow before the MI application can be made. There are very strict guidelines to be followed before the application and the success rate in the MI is very low. It is very important that the application of the MI is completed and submitted to the minister with proper precision.

If you have any scenario in which you think that it should be considered by the Minister of the Department of Home Affairs, then contact us immediately to get honest advice.